International Noise Conference

First, you people are crazy.
It was day one and day two of the International Noise Conference.
Some of it was awesome. Some of it was awful. However, all of it was entertaining.
We are missing some links. So, if you see your freaky self, your freaky group/gang/collective, please send us a link to your music/noise/weirdo shit.
Mindless Attack
Clang Quartet
Skeleton Warrior
Russian Tsarlag
Holly Hunt
Dick Neff
Otto Von Shirach, Mr. Feathers and Alligator Jesus
The Uh
Amanda Green and Luciano Guidini
the hidlecrumbs (Jiblit Dupree, Whitey Alabastard and J.Thelonious)

We be back at ya soon enough

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by EAT, Bleeding Palm. Bleeding Palm said: Photos from the International Noise Conference @churchillspub #internationalnoiseconference #inc #miami [...]

  2. j.thelonious says:

    That is me playing the theremin with the gas mask on my face. I was performing with the hidlecrumbs (Jiblit Dupree, Whitey Alabastard and J.Thelonious)

    my site –>

    1. admin says:

      Cool! I’ll add the info dude

  3. South beach says:

    what a materpeace u have going on here

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