Grey Area 420 party


We hooked up with our friends at County Grind to attend a 4/20 party at Grey Area.
Please go check out the results: Get high bitch

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A Weekend or Three Ago



The same stuff but on facebook

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International Noise Conference 2012

Check out our coverage of the INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE

90′s Teen & Dino Felipe

Russian Tsarlag

We tried to include everyone. If your band was in our photos but not in the links, let us know.

Here are links to about 2400 of the unprocessed photos I took during I.N.C. Do what you will with them:

INC photos part 1

INC photos part 2

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Take a look at the new website we made for the terrible people at the Borscht Film Festival:

(If you like to party, make sure to click on the alligator in the logo. Click on the snake to get out)

And make sure you visit the BOSH FILM FESTIVAL

Over 30 days ago, Bleeding Palm dispatched a lone web designer to create a new website for the Borscht Corporation and The Bosh Film Festival. He never returned.

However, his laptop was discovered. Along with the websites and the following production journal:


DAY:1: Started working on BOSH site. Boss is kind of a jerk.

DAY 5: CHris BOSH is soo weird.

DAY 7: found fnny videos of CHris BOsh being kooky.



THERE is a darkness here, for sure,
but there is something more than that creeping along here in the dark.

DAY 17: bought a gun today

DAY 20:
I have become increasingly aware of a new feeling, when staring at Chris Bosh.
I no longer feel the same way as when I began this…. This Journey.

DAY 21:
THERE IS A LIGHT NOW> IT IS BOSH. it has always been bosh. I must share this with him.

DAY: 22:
bosses asking lots of questions. they wont understand. I have changed all the website passwords. this is too important. My work here. what I’m doing. I cant risk them messing it all up now

DAY 26:
People will not understand this. That is for sure now. I must do something GREAT. to show bosh. The Company,
they wont understand. What I have done here, is for us all. It is necessary.

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Legal Art’s Booty Tap at Art Wynwood

Legal Art Booty Tap

Our picture set of this years awesome International Noise Conference will be out soon.

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Holly Hunt, Shroud Eater, House of Lightning and Sons of Tonatiuh at Beelzebubs Cave


Holly Hunt

Shroud Eater

House of Lightning

Sons of Tonatiuh

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Dino Felipe: Rip-Off

More from Dino:

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County Grind party at Green Room on Saturday


We are gonna be projecting some stuff at this party. Spoiler: It’s cats.

This Heart Electric, Dino Felipe, Boxwood, Möthersky, and Astrea Corporation will be performing. The party is on January 14th at Green Room.

So far, we have about 15 minutes of stuff that you will only find mildly obnoxious.

Here is a preview:


Here is a post on the party


Roofless Records New Years Eve Party and Fundraiser

We will be at General Practice taking pictures on New Years Eve. There will be: Dj’s, live music{outmode and ADAMES },Fireworks, Cheap keg and shots, Champagne, 2012 calenders by Beatriz Monteavaro.
We are probably taking a break from the animated photo set thing for awhile, so here is your chance to say “what’s up?” and have your picture taken.




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Winter Weirds at Churchills

These photos are not weird. Which, if you’ve been here before; kind of makes them weird.

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