“Jacuzzi Boys”

305 FEST-day one

here are the first batch of images from 305 fest day one: https://bleedingpalm.com/305-fest/305-fest-day-one.html
here are a bunch of unprocessed photos from the evening : https://bleedingpalm.com/b/extra-unprocessed-pics-from-day-one-of-305-fest/

305 fest day two and day three pics should be up in a few weeks.

Also check out the flyer we made for this rad show:

info here: http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/countygrind/2012/07/holly_hunt_slashpine_shroud_eater_live_green_room_metal.php



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Basel Weekend [part one]

Jacuzzi Boys
same shit but on facebook

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Scion Basically Pays for Some Guy to Dance Around in His Underwear Onstage

Here is the gist of a text Bleeding Palm received from Rosalind Franklin about the show:

The Scion Garage Show was awesome. I left the show sore, bruised and without my house keys but it was worth it to see a half-naked guy prance around in a bunny mask.

Pictures shot by Rosalind Franklin

Digital Fuckery by Paul Allen

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