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Do what we can, summer will have its flies (NSFW)


Originally this post had some NSFW photos/gifs but the band was mad offended bro. We only took them down because we didn’t own the original photos. We were asked to manipulate them. Had we shot the original photos, we would not have taken them down.


Audio Junkie is doing something at O Cinema on the 4th of July. There will be local booze. Cool Bands will play. We made this flyer for it:

These drawings we did will be on sale as t-shirts there(you can bring your own shirt):

The screen prints are not animated.

NOTE: this image was drawn way before the business with the Miami Zombie.

Audio Junkie on County Grind




Here are three stills from an animation we just finished. The animation was made for a documentary about artists in Miami. It will be released in November, I thinks.


Note: I am aware that these buildings are not placed according to real life. Stupid real life.


We worked with the dudes at Coral Morphologic to create this landing page for their web site(click dat logo, left side).


A little while ago, we went out to a Black Locust Society party at Five Points Lounge.It was wild fun. Check it out on County Grind.


ALSO: The Bosh Film Festival is going to be real! Again, read about it on County Grind More on this soon.

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