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12/3/13 Liz Ferrer Died (a little) Inside
12/3/13 Monica Uszerowicz vomited for no reason - then just up and died Dimensions Variable
12/3/13 Kevin Arrow suffered fatal hurt feelings from Marina Abramovic's handler Untitled. Art Fair
12/3/13 Matthew Vincent Preira Premature self-immolation The L Bus heading Eastbound
12/3/13 Barron Sherer Alcohol Poisoning/Bleeding Ears Heineken Party
12/4/13 John Spain Died trying to go into that fake NYC subway stop Fake NYC subway stop
12/4/13 Jane Hart Death (warmed over) NyQuil overdose Home in bed
12/4/13 Tatiana Hernandez Death by carbon monoxide poisoning from sitting in traffic Venetian Causeway
12/4/13 Edwin Beauchamp Couldn't deal with traffic, drove off the venetian Venetian Causeway
12/4/13 Dan Brat Died reading all the updates about Basel Facebook
12/4/13 Nayib Estefan Died from exposure Blue Star Drive-in
12/4/13 David Bennett Killed by an airborne virus that is only contagious when a rich northerner says the word "delectable" Etra Fine Art
12/4/13 10 whales (identities unknown) Whales were stranded attempting to coordinate an assault on Miami Beach The Everglades
12/4/13 Jacqueline Falcone Died from Kanye NW 24th Street
12/4/13 God is straight up dead Midtown Target
12/4/13 Margaret Griffis Died of apoplexy Mcdonalds' drive-thru
12/5/13 Jorge Sagastume Conrad Murray assisted death Some Miami Borough
12/5/13 Monica McGivern K.I.A. assisting in whale-related Basel sabotage Miami Beach
12/5/13 Kathryn Marks Kathryn Marks and unborn child drowned attempting to abandon ship Rirkit Tiravanija performance
12/5/13 Lauren Reskin died strangled by a headphone cord in your arms tonight
12/5/13 Ashley Pearson Over-exhaustion from keeping up with Basel-related Instagrams In a bottle of absinthe. Somewhere in Spain
12/5/13 Tanya Diaz Died at Home in Weschester
12/5/13 Michael-John Dewey Hancock Jogging into a crowd of paparazzi Miami Beach boardwalk (just east of Kimye)
12/5/13 Brook Dorsch Died from food poisoning Rubell Brunch
12/6/13 Magnus Sigurdarson died of pure doze Melancholy body discovered near NW 2nd Ave
12/6/13 Richard Haden went to MAM and got mugged by PAMM is in critical condition
12/6/13 Beyssa Buil gave up the ghost and died of asphyxiation trying to exit Museum Stop Metromover
12/6/13 Nathaniel Sandler Drowned while drinking out of the toilet the Charlotte Perriand house
12/6/13 P. Scott Cunningham Choked on the name of a famous artist he was trying to drop into a conversation PAMM preview
12/6/13 Christina Frigo Hit by a Bentley while attempting to pet a chihuahua the street
12/6/13 Dan Milewski Eaten by a German collector Soho Beach House
12/6/13 Eduardo Guerra died (of embarrassment) after being overheard pronouncing it "art basil" Outside of invite-only party (Denied Entry)
12/6/13 David Reyer torn limb-from-limb by Europeans who thought he was art Wynwood
12/6/13 Alette Simmons-Jimenez threw herself from her studio balcony when intoxicated by spray paint fumes Corner of N Miami Ave and 24th Street
12/6/13 Phillip Valys Died trying to pronounce the word “vernissage” At the art fair that carries the photos of Cindy Crawford caked in diamond dust
12/6/13 Mafe Gonzalez Killed by a cab driver after I asked him to drive me to the convention center MBCC B Hall
12/5/13 Teresa Estopinan died after missing Kendrick Lamar and Wu Tang At Home alone
12/4/13 Jennifer Shaw left to die in some bushes outside Gramps
12/6/13 Rob Goyanes Not enough cigarettes Post-industrial shithole, USA
12/6/13 Michael Alen died from eating tainted hors d'oeuvres a Wynwood alley
12/6/13 Lucas Leyva died from Basel Butt The Standard
12/7/13 Esther Kim & Brett Potter They'd follow Liz Ferrer anywhere James Franco's sex party
12/7/13 JennyLee Molina Died from MacBook Pro electrical shock while sending Art Basel event press releases Panther Coffee
12/7/13 Fabio Fernandez Died from hearing Cunty Beats The Webster's Rooftop
12/7/13 Lee Molloy exposure to uberpretentious assholerys amidst a sea of hipsters
12/7/13 Nichole Hickey Bleed to death from foot blisters Walking from Scope to Aqua and back again
12/7/13 Leslie Quick Death by Lady Gaga Playboy Theater Miami
12/7/13 Reed Fischer Run over by a white Toyota A trash bin next to Liz Tracy's apartment
12/7/13 Micha Dubernard Stepped over by the Giant Bigfoot by Idan Zareski Markovicz Fine Art
12/7/13 Ammy Garcia died from petting a rubber duckie Behind a food truck
12/7/13 Donald Chauncey his soul leaked away through his eyes CIFO
12/7/13 Alan Gutierrez Irony Deficiency behind the bar of The Shack
12/7/13 Katie Wiegman Eaten by a pack of unappeasable, ravenous gallery owners with chopsticks Hakkasan, Fontainebleau
12/5/13 Daniel Rivero death by email blast at his place of employment
12/9/13 Christina Felisgrau & Ronnie Rivera Double suicide. We join our fallen friends in that VVIP pre-preview line in the sky Atlantic Ocean

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